Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you...Squidoo?? some say you can make $$ too...

If you are reading my posts, then you know I love learning about TECHNOLOGY!!! Well, I've just found a new obsession...SQUIDOO!! It's like a blog but somewhat different. If I knew a bit more about it I could draw you a Venn Diagram and label the differences on separate sides of the circles and the commonalities in the middle...but I am in the learning stages of my 'squidooing'... and don't quote me on that term because it's my own- It's not an official Squidoo term, though Squidoo does contain it's own vocabulary and jargon. Instead of pages, you create lenses. The great part of it all is that there are people actually making MONEY from their lenses... I've posted a link to a 'lens' that really intrigued me.

Do I think I'm going to hit it rich?? Who knows? Will I have fun? Most certainly...will my students like this...ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!!! Definitely check it out... It is totally free- and if you are so opposed to making money, you can donate all your profits to charity!

Check out my first Squidoo lens and find links to making money with Squidoo...

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Hi Readers, I just wanted to share a few articles that were posted this year on a blog. I was going to import articles printed in my local newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, but I am not yet able to complete the task. Hopefully, it will be done soon enough!!

Second grade class gets grant to get gross

> Posted by DAve DiPino on April 20, 2009 at 11:50 AM

The "Livingston Township" meets before their trip to the South Florida Museum's Grossology Exhibit. Susanna Livingston, gifted education second grade teacher at Banyan Creek Elementary School in Delray Beach, recently found about the Target field trip grant through an e-mail she received from Banyan Creek Elementary's principal William Fay.

According to Livingston, Target had begun offering field trips to help educators fund programs in which students can be taught in settings other than the classroom."I had written a Target Grant before (not a field trip grant but for a Literacy Program for Parents and Title I families at my previous school). I clicked on the link and began filling out the information. Everything had to be completed online which was a challenge but when I received an e-mail notification that I was one of the recipients and would soon receive the funding for all the second grade students (almost 150) at our school I was thrilled.The highest amount that the grant could be written for was $800, our grade level received the entire amount to send almost 180 students to the South Florida Science Museum," Livingston said. She spent two of her off nights and four hours of her personal time to write the grant making it possible for the students to attend the exhibit for $1 per student rather than the original cost of $8 per head.

The Grossology exhibit will only be at the museum until May 1, the "Livingston Township" intends to attend this week in a scheduled field trip. We will also conduct some grossology experiments when we return from the field trip. One will be creating edible poop- although sounding rather gross that is what grossology is all about- the study of things that gross you out! But let me place your fears aside- edible poop is just chocolate but it looks like real poop- you would just make strangers very nervous if you were to eat it nearby without them knowing, especially if you just picked it up off of a bench they were sitting near," Livingston said.
At the South Florida Museum large crowds are coming from all over Palm Beach County, including a Jupiter resident and her daughter."It's a cool exhibit about all the functions of the human body like puking, farting and snot... It's cute you'll like it. Check out the baby alligators in the exhibit," said Laura Kramer, who attended the exhibit with her daughter.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wordle- great tool

Wordle- A great Tool
How can it be used?
...generate vocabulary terms for a topic background knowledge about a topic of study
...stimulate interest about an upcoming unit
How do you use it in your classroom??
What are other ways of using it in the classroom??
Here's the link....


Edutopia- What works in public education...
George Lucas Foundation

Edutopia Magazine

Early in 2008, I subscribed to an educational magazine called Edutopia. I did it on a hunch knowing that what I was looking at was some powerful writing... I had never seen the website nor the magazine ever before.

It was a typical early evening; after having cooked dinner, fed the children, washed the dishes, I finally got to my favorite part of my day... surfing the web in my totally rad wetsuit looking for some useful resources for the classroom. Before it became time for the alarm clock to ring, right before the moment my arms started becoming noodled, I came across the Edutopia website and was VERY impressed, you could even say I was amped! I thought, what the hay, it's a free trial subscription... how can it hurt??

Call it a woman's intuition or just a knack for detecting great educational resources, I was right on the money with my prediction. Well, I don't just love my magazines- I crave them, I can't wait for them to come in the mail- beware the hands that would ever dare to throw an issue away, that would be like throwing a first edition of Dickens to the men in gray suits!! I find myself keeping them for tons of reasons.... I will refer to them for information to give others, or I may 'tab' a page with a great article with some awesome links. I might even suggest an article for a parent. They offer everything a classroom teacher needs, information from trends in technology to how to reach all multiple intelligences in the classroom.

The best part of all is that you can access their website and gain access to archived magazines and articles, blogs kept by Edutopia authors, and other wonderful resources. You don't necessarily have to purchase a subscription but for the low rate in comparison to other magazine subscriptions and organizations, Edutopia is well worth the money. Trust me- I am not a Junkyard Dog, a Mushburger, or a Kook....I double pinky promise!!

****My application of surfing terms is dedicated to my daughter Sara who has become a surfer-girl, beach bum, fun-in-the-sun, Florida- beauty.... I love you pooh bear...xoxoxo
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Math and Science Links

Although technology integration has been a key topic of discussion among many educators, forums, and found within hundreds of blogs, the reality of what will happen, based upon the discussions in districts and ultimately what will evolve within classrooms for the upcoming school year (and future school years) is the movement and emphasis upon mathematics and science.

Teachers will find that they will be required to spend more time focusing upon mathematics and science education because of it's importance for every student's future. Technology will be integrated among the study of math and science; those teachers who can do so will be sought after to lead the path for future educators.

Due to this trend, I will be including more math and science links on the bottom of the blog; hopefully making them easier to find. If you have some that you highly recommend- Please let me know and I can add them to the list. When possible I will list whether the site is directed more toward elementary or secondary education. Summer is quickly coming to an end and so I wish you all a Happy Summer (remainder of a few weeks!!!!) ....that was my little addition of math...get it... remainder....addition....LOL.... my very dry attempt at humor.....
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NAP book: Ready, Set, SCIENCE

THIS QUIZ is sooo much FUN!!

This Traveler IQ challenge compares your geographical knowledge against the Web's First Travelogue's other 4,891,903 travelers who have taken this challenge as of Monday, December 14, 2009 at 12:57AM GMT. (TravelPod is a TripAdvisor Media Network member)