Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grants and Funding for your classroom/school!

With districts around the country facing budget cuts, the bottom line for teachers is more out of pocket expenses. Last year I spent more money for my classroom than I can remember spending ever before. Paper seemed to be a hot commodity, white paper, colored paper, construction paper, glue was the second runner up! I had written four grants the year prior but only one was funded; the grant really helped though because we were able to have science supplies I never would have been able to purchase had I not had grant money!

Grant money is definitely a great source of funding for a classroom. There are plenty of grants that are available throughout the year but now is the time to write; when you have some time to spare. Tech&Learning has posted a great resource for those looking for grants that I have posted here. It provides the name of the grant, the company, the link, and the grant deadline. I highly recommend writing at least two, just in case one is denied. If you have lots of time on your hands then write more than two. Make sure to follow the grant guidelines, I know from experience and from having friends who are on grant committees, those grants that do not stick to the guidelines and adhere to the format are not even looked at. With more and more educators and grant writers out there, "if you cannot respect to follow the guidelines then they will not bother to look over the grant proposal", so I've been told.
I hope you find the grant calendar useful. If you are unable to read it once you've clicked on it- I've posted the link below.... The best of luck to the grant writers out there!!!

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