Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you DEWEY?

Are you a librarian looking for Dewey materials for this coming school year??

I've been helping out in our school's media center to organize some books and I must admit...it's been a long way since I "deweyed." I had forgotten all about the Dewey system, how it works, the beautiful art of organization and systematic placement of books into departments based upon topic. It's really amazing to think about this amazing feat when you look at tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of books- yet every year- librarians across the world do it daily!

Here are some resources you can use to help orient your students to the Dewey system. (btw... I have never taught this skill to my students- but plan to in the future... I do see it as useful and I wish I had memorized the numbers myself!)

Here are some links to help you plan for future instruction:

http://languagearts.pppst.com/deweydecimals.html (powerpoints on the system itself- kid friendly)





http://lmnet.wikispaces.com/Dewey+Decimal+System (great link to Dewey bingo- Dewey poster- and other items for your media center, library, classroom library, or homeschool library!!)

http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/listthedeweli.html (a list of more resources)

http://www.mikids.com/Deweygroups.htm (resources broken up by grade level)

http://www.oclc.org/dewey/resources/public.htm (powerpoint presentations on the Dewey decimal system)
 (even more resources than you could ever imagine- there is a GREAT ThinkQuest activity which would be great to use- however you need to sign up for an account first- which you will need an administrators permission)

The above resources will keep you busy for a good while... If you need more- Let me know and I will post more resources for you on this website but for now... have fun!

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