Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Numeracy Helper- a Math Teacher's DREAM!! K-8

A while ago I came upon a newly beginning website called "Numeracy Helper." I subscribed to the newsletter as I am always willing to try something new and as each newsletter came in, I became decidely more and more aware of how hard the developer of this site works to create these resources for teachers. Not only does he work hard, but the resources are absolutely fabulous- they are exactly what teachers are looking for. The activities align perfectly with state and national (NCTM) standards. They can be used as whole group lessons, teachers can model them and then students can go to computer stations to finish as independent work. Another wonderful component is that there is a built in differentiation piece as most activities are input and output directed- therefore students must use what they know to work with the various modules! I have highly recommended this site to all the educators I work with in my district and now I'm letting everyone now that as of right now... Numeracy Helper is offering a free site license (and unfortunately- I didn't get this but hopefully you can!!) to all new newsletter subscribers- so don't hesitate... visit the site today...

NAP book: Ready, Set, SCIENCE

THIS QUIZ is sooo much FUN!!

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