Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flex Index Exchange: Depts. of Ed. Grow While Teachers are Laid Off

Flex Index Exchange: Depts. of Ed. Grow While Teachers are Laid Off: "This is a call to all readers to share their stories about the matter. Since RTTT funds have been dispensed, the departments of education i..."

I think the reason this is and continues to happen is due to several reasons-
1- RTTT was not created by educators but by business leaders who think they know what is good for kids.

2- It was also created without listening to the very loud voices of educational researchers who continually state that the program's features are not educationally sound and that research has shown them to be ineffective (but what do business leaders care about research- to them education is a business and they want to see $$).

3- Our secretary of education does not even have a degree in he got this position is beyond me. He has never taught in a classroom- and although you may see him state he has worked with afterschool programs... Afterschool programs are nothing like a school day packed with quality instruction.

4- They are bringing big business to testing and evaluation companies when we already test our students too much. I believe in formative assessment that drives instruction but all these standardized tests do not help instruction. They focus on one single thing- a score... not the students growth in all areas (emotional, social, etc.) and for most students...that doesn't work!

5- Well, I could go on and on but what's the point because 'they' continue to belittle what teachers have to say... this is a sad state of education and it will not work. I'm sure we will see more changes with a new president but then here we go again with creating more (new) programs without sticking to what works....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Come to my new site

I've moved over to EDUBLOGS....come visit my new site at

Hope to see you there!! Lots of literacy resources, math links... lots of what you are looking for!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FEA and CTA to host EDUCATORS Institute

The Florida EducatorsAssociation (FEA) alongside School District of
Palm Beach county Classroom Teachers Association (CTA) is hosting it’s FIRST annual REGIONAL Summer Institute to be held in Palm Beach County!!!

This conference is FREE to ALL public school teachers but space is limited so if you are interested- SIGN UP FAST!!

The first 25 participants to sign up will receive a gift!! There will be prizes and gifts handed out all week long and the institute will host a hot breakfast and lunch on the first and last day of the institute! Each session will be worth a certain amount of Master Service Plan points- so check the FLYERS- if you are interested in attending and submit the paperwork ASAP!!! Not only will you learn the latest research in reading, behavior, math, family-school communications but you will also have loads of FUN!!

Click on the link below to access the documents!!


Friday, July 2, 2010

New Literacy Resources!!

Check out my new recent posts on EducatorsHelper re: Student Literacy Centers. There are PDF's that you can download- Here is the link that will take you directly to the page with the information and post!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Using Music to Enhance Instruction!!

For the entire lyrics = please visit the link given at the bottom of post- Lots more songs to download for FREE available...

Students- no matter what age group- learn concepts quickly, when music is integrated into lessons. I have often used music with Language arts, Math, and Science- and have found that my students LOVE to listen to the songs and quickly memorize lyrics, which seems to help them master the content faster. Plus- it's much more fun to teach when you get to sing...

Here's another idea- Let your students change the lyrics for other topics/concepts! For more songs and FREE songs to download each month- Go to Make sure to sign up for their newsletter- and each time they post a FREE song for downloading- they'll send you an email, with a link... It's awesome!!!!

one of the GREATEST Math and Tech sites...EVER!!!

The link above will take you directly to Robert Fant's website!! Make sure to let us know what you think!!

Robert Fant has the GREATEST Math site and TECHNOLOGY integration site for teachers out there!! So- If you are a Middle or High School Math Teacher- This is the site you will want to list as a FAVE- and if you are into integrating technology into instruction- you're going to definitely want to list this as a FAVE and bookmark it under a few different lists... It has several tutorials and examples of student work- so if you are not sure how to use the example of tech that are listed... there are plenty of examples to show you how to use them in your classroom!!! Check it out today!!! You'll definitely want to use it for this upcoming school year...

NAP book: Ready, Set, SCIENCE

THIS QUIZ is sooo much FUN!!

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