Thursday, August 6, 2009

TASHE program

I'm currently working as a mentor in a fabulous program with Palm Beach Community College.They provide a teaching certification program for second career seekers (mostly of hispanic descent- but not necessarily) called TASHE: Transitioning and Supporting Hispanic Educators. As mentors, we provide the support that the mentees need, whether it is information needed for coursework, or assistance in the classroom with curriculum, classroom management, and/or behavioral challenges with challenging students. The mentors are such a supportive group; we are constantly in touch with one another making sure we are up to date with what the mentees are in need of, we have held our first mini-conference where we discussed ESOL strategies, reading strategies, CRISS strategies, Reading and Writing workshop, and setting up a classroom, and we are planning on holding our next conference within the next four weeks. We are now working on implementing VoiceThread within the website, and updating our current website with resources for our mentees and other students who are enrolled in the teaching program at PBCC. We (those of us who want to see all educators- preservice and currently employed- succeed) want to make sure anyone and everyone has access to these resources that we believe are helpful to all educators!

Check out our links and some of our mentors websites!!!
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NAP book: Ready, Set, SCIENCE

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