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Edutopia- What works in public education...
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Edutopia Magazine

Early in 2008, I subscribed to an educational magazine called Edutopia. I did it on a hunch knowing that what I was looking at was some powerful writing... I had never seen the website nor the magazine ever before.

It was a typical early evening; after having cooked dinner, fed the children, washed the dishes, I finally got to my favorite part of my day... surfing the web in my totally rad wetsuit looking for some useful resources for the classroom. Before it became time for the alarm clock to ring, right before the moment my arms started becoming noodled, I came across the Edutopia website and was VERY impressed, you could even say I was amped! I thought, what the hay, it's a free trial subscription... how can it hurt??

Call it a woman's intuition or just a knack for detecting great educational resources, I was right on the money with my prediction. Well, I don't just love my magazines- I crave them, I can't wait for them to come in the mail- beware the hands that would ever dare to throw an issue away, that would be like throwing a first edition of Dickens to the men in gray suits!! I find myself keeping them for tons of reasons.... I will refer to them for information to give others, or I may 'tab' a page with a great article with some awesome links. I might even suggest an article for a parent. They offer everything a classroom teacher needs, information from trends in technology to how to reach all multiple intelligences in the classroom.

The best part of all is that you can access their website and gain access to archived magazines and articles, blogs kept by Edutopia authors, and other wonderful resources. You don't necessarily have to purchase a subscription but for the low rate in comparison to other magazine subscriptions and organizations, Edutopia is well worth the money. Trust me- I am not a Junkyard Dog, a Mushburger, or a Kook....I double pinky promise!!

****My application of surfing terms is dedicated to my daughter Sara who has become a surfer-girl, beach bum, fun-in-the-sun, Florida- beauty.... I love you pooh bear...xoxoxo
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