Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi Readers, I just wanted to share a few articles that were posted this year on a blog. I was going to import articles printed in my local newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, but I am not yet able to complete the task. Hopefully, it will be done soon enough!!

Second grade class gets grant to get gross

> Posted by DAve DiPino on April 20, 2009 at 11:50 AM

The "Livingston Township" meets before their trip to the South Florida Museum's Grossology Exhibit. Susanna Livingston, gifted education second grade teacher at Banyan Creek Elementary School in Delray Beach, recently found about the Target field trip grant through an e-mail she received from Banyan Creek Elementary's principal William Fay.

According to Livingston, Target had begun offering field trips to help educators fund programs in which students can be taught in settings other than the classroom."I had written a Target Grant before (not a field trip grant but for a Literacy Program for Parents and Title I families at my previous school). I clicked on the link and began filling out the information. Everything had to be completed online which was a challenge but when I received an e-mail notification that I was one of the recipients and would soon receive the funding for all the second grade students (almost 150) at our school I was thrilled.The highest amount that the grant could be written for was $800, our grade level received the entire amount to send almost 180 students to the South Florida Science Museum," Livingston said. She spent two of her off nights and four hours of her personal time to write the grant making it possible for the students to attend the exhibit for $1 per student rather than the original cost of $8 per head.

The Grossology exhibit will only be at the museum until May 1, the "Livingston Township" intends to attend this week in a scheduled field trip. We will also conduct some grossology experiments when we return from the field trip. One will be creating edible poop- although sounding rather gross that is what grossology is all about- the study of things that gross you out! But let me place your fears aside- edible poop is just chocolate but it looks like real poop- you would just make strangers very nervous if you were to eat it nearby without them knowing, especially if you just picked it up off of a bench they were sitting near," Livingston said.
At the South Florida Museum large crowds are coming from all over Palm Beach County, including a Jupiter resident and her daughter."It's a cool exhibit about all the functions of the human body like puking, farting and snot... It's cute you'll like it. Check out the baby alligators in the exhibit," said Laura Kramer, who attended the exhibit with her daughter.

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