Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you...Squidoo?? some say you can make $$ too...

If you are reading my posts, then you know I love learning about TECHNOLOGY!!! Well, I've just found a new obsession...SQUIDOO!! It's like a blog but somewhat different. If I knew a bit more about it I could draw you a Venn Diagram and label the differences on separate sides of the circles and the commonalities in the middle...but I am in the learning stages of my 'squidooing'... and don't quote me on that term because it's my own- It's not an official Squidoo term, though Squidoo does contain it's own vocabulary and jargon. Instead of pages, you create lenses. The great part of it all is that there are people actually making MONEY from their lenses... I've posted a link to a 'lens' that really intrigued me.

Do I think I'm going to hit it rich?? Who knows? Will I have fun? Most certainly...will my students like this...ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!!! Definitely check it out... It is totally free- and if you are so opposed to making money, you can donate all your profits to charity!

Check out my first Squidoo lens and find links to making money with Squidoo...

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