Sunday, July 19, 2009

Math and Science Links

Although technology integration has been a key topic of discussion among many educators, forums, and found within hundreds of blogs, the reality of what will happen, based upon the discussions in districts and ultimately what will evolve within classrooms for the upcoming school year (and future school years) is the movement and emphasis upon mathematics and science.

Teachers will find that they will be required to spend more time focusing upon mathematics and science education because of it's importance for every student's future. Technology will be integrated among the study of math and science; those teachers who can do so will be sought after to lead the path for future educators.

Due to this trend, I will be including more math and science links on the bottom of the blog; hopefully making them easier to find. If you have some that you highly recommend- Please let me know and I can add them to the list. When possible I will list whether the site is directed more toward elementary or secondary education. Summer is quickly coming to an end and so I wish you all a Happy Summer (remainder of a few weeks!!!!) ....that was my little addition of math...get it... remainder....addition....LOL.... my very dry attempt at humor.....
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