Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Literacy Must-Have Resource!

One of the most useful tools that I've come across during my years of teaching has been the International Reading Association's (IRA) website, ReadWriteThink.org. It has resources, links, downloadable materials available for all educators from Kindergarten throught 12th grade! If you find that you've found a great lesson on how to create a "flip-book" but have no idea what a "flip-book" is because you are new to the education field as you're previous job was being the CFO of the Trumpt National Bank; well have no fear... there are video lessons on how to create a variety of resources that teachers use in the classroom, i.e. a 'flip-book'.

Check out the following resources and look for some of your own!

The best part of IRA's ReadWriteThink is that there is no cost to access any of the materials... They are completely free!! There are benefits to being a member of IRA, and having been one myself for over 12 years, I can only state that I find the benefits FAR outweigh the price of membership. If you'd like to visit the IRA's website and see about membership and current research regarding literacy and language, check out their wonderful website; another wonderful tool for educators of all areas!

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