Saturday, July 4, 2009


I found a great new tool online and I think if you are a teacher you should sign up and join today!! It is called "I teach too" and it is a 'collaborative' type of website that educators post lessons that they have either created themselves or have found to be useful. It has some awesome lessons and although it seems to be a relatively new site, it already has a wealth of materials!!! I've posted a great resource on the website that I created for my district. The tool is geared towards 2nd grade math but really can be used by teachers of k-3 and will give you a variety of tools to use for teaching mathematics. It is aligned to Florida's new Mathematic Benchmarks and the current Palm Beach County Mathematics Textbook. It is a tool that will be used by teachers in the Palm Beach County School District and I would love for teachers to check it out and leave a comment or add an additional resource!!! The link to "I teach too" is

When asked "How did you hear about us?", please mention this blog-! Let me know what you think!!!!

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