Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Great Blog- Prestwick Cafe!

I'm in the car on my way to Tennessee. The first amazing thing I love about computers is that I can check to make sure I spelled Tennessee correctly, which I did! Horray for me!! (I've always excelled in spelling but it never hurts when you feel a bit uneasy about your spelling to hit the 'spellcheck' button- just to be on the safe side. The second amazing and incredible aspect (I truly LOVE this part) is that I can access the internet while my husband drives the car!! I love leisurely reading or blogging in the backseat while he does the driving. Now, of course, I did offer to drive but he wants to do I'm happy to be in the back reporting the following to you all...

I've just found a very resourceful blog called the Prestwick Cafe. Full of interesting and helpful topics, links to other helpful blogs, I wanted to mention it because as an educator and new to the blogging world- I want to bring to 'LivingLearners' readers the most useful sites and blogs so that my readers don't have to spend time looking for those resources themselves. I you will enjoy it. Here is the link...
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