Monday, January 11, 2010

Using Comics in the classroom and Have your portrait drawn too!!

If you read the previous post about "Boy/Challenging Writers" then you will be up to date on why I am providing the following link to Ryan Alexander-Tanner's website. He is an artist who specializes in comics and I found him, luckily, through AERA! I had asked him if I could use his comics in the classroom to help my writers develop ideas, creativity, and even some dialogue...

I think comics are a GREAT way to engage writers. You will find that every single student, unless they've worked in groups, has generated an original idea for the same picture. Please make sure you ask for permission if you use an artist's work in your own classroom and follow copyright rules.

If you click on Ryan's "obligatory blog" you will find a link to have your portrait done... I was brave and had mine drawn... It's amazingly similar to my picture!!!

Wow- he's really good!!! Make sure to look at his comics and drawings... I wish I had that kind of talent!!!!

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